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There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes

Keeps getting worse and worse

Keeps getting worse and worse

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My rabbit died on Saturday....my show on Saturday was ok until my friend flipped out at the staff and manager because her food was done wrong. So now she's mad at ME because my karaoke boss chewed her out because of her behavior. My office boss is stealing credit for appointments I book, my hours were cut because someone with seniority was working overtime and I'm low-man on totem pole, so now I'm not in to monitor whether or not I get credit. I'm three minutes from walking out of here.

All I need is to get in a car accident and I'm golden. I seriously cannot handle this bullshit anymore. Give me an easy out, I beg you.

I need a plan. I was accepted to a community college, I'll be taking classes for phlebotomy and getting a degree to be a surgical technician. But where to go from there? I'm starting to get dismayed and not even wanting to do that.....I just don't know what I can do....
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