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There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes

Follow up entry

Follow up entry

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So...after listening to lots of suggestions, most people agreeing with one another, I've come up with a plan...somewhat. I'm getting with my father to discuss the best way to do all this...like, how to squeeze out the most interest and etc.

Right now the plan is to put $4,000 in my Roth IRA, then start a 6 month emergency plan (take 6 months worth of living expenses out and into my savings or CDs, not to be touched but for emergencies). I'm estimating a month's worth of expenses to be about $1200. I'm really not sure what it'll be, since I'm not paying rent ATM.

I also have some credit card debt and student loans to take care of. I dunno what all that together adds up to. I'll have just over $15,000 left (includes an estimation of credit card debt, but not student loans).

I think I'd like to take a trip to Vegas (no, no gambling, that scares me). I remember my grandmother saying that she wanted to take me one day...and I need a new cell phone...want a bluetooth ^_^ After that, we'll see how much I have. I'll prolly put it in my rainy day savings, and then I'll make adjustments to CDs or investments as I go.

So, if anyone else has suggestions, I'd still like to hear them!
  • Cancel and destroy all of your credit cards except one when you're done. Use that credit card to pay your monthly bills and only your monthly bills. Pay off that credit card as soon as you get the bill each month to avoid fees.

    The monthly use of that one credit card is all you need to continue raising your credit limit. With all your other cards destroyed, don't buy anything you don't have the money for.
    • All of my credit cards are for clothing stores. I do have a Discover card in my name, but it's my dad's account. I try not to use it...only for school and when I'm starving. so i won't really need it anymore, but dad told me to hang onto it anyway. :\

      I like having the cards for my favorite stores, because I get coupons for being a frequent customer.
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