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There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes

/me cries

/me cries

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I'm so glad that my last day at Carfax is tomorrow.

I just got off the phone with a total fucking jackass. He couldn't get in touch with his rep, so he wanted to speak to a human being about whatever problem he's having. He demanded to speak to a manager. I don't know who her supervisor is...so he demanded to speak to any manager. I'm not authorized to do that. He asked my name, I gave him my first name. He asked for my last name, and I refused to give that to him. He asked for my extension, I'm not authorized to give out extensions, but I'm at the fucking front desk, he knows to get me. If he wants to fucking complain he can just say "Jessica at the receptionist's desk." He asked me FOR MY ID and that's where I got angry. I told him I'm not giving out my personal information, and he said "Well listen here, Jessica..." FUCK THAT! He got dumped into the consumer affairs voicemail that pisses everyone off. I tried to find his number so that if he called again we could just transfer him...but it's one of those UUCP things that changes everytime you call.

But crushtflat made it better. Thanks Eric!

Eric: poopyface
Eric: Pardon me, sir, but you appear to have something on your face.
me: ehehehehe
Eric: I believe it is your ass.
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