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There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes

Can't sleep

Can't sleep

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The only people in this house who are sleeping are my father and my brother.

Dad was on a plane all day, so of course he's beat. He was also trying to get in touch with a bunch of people all day, so...
Patrick isn't coming with us. I don't know why. He also went out for a drive after he got home from class. I don't blame him. I wanted to do the same thing.

Wendi came down from Baltimore so she can go with us. But then she remembered she forgot her medication, so I drove out with her to pick it up, and we listened to Duran Duran and had nice conversations. I don't get to see her often.
Mom went to the office. She claimed it was just to pick up her laptop, but we all know, she's getting things ready for her not to be at work for a while. It always happens, when you leave the office for a while, it's a wreck when you get back.

We'll be leaving at five. I can sleep in the car.

The thing about my grandmother...she was always talking about when she was going to die. She told me when I was twelve that she was only going to live to be 75, because that was when her mother and her grandmother died. So for years, I was under the impression that she was going to die when I was 18. She would have turned 80 this December. When I was 17, she asked me to type out her will. I did...and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I told this to Wendi, and she said "Well, I'm glad she didn't ask me to do that. That's horrible, Jessica, and I'm sorry you had to do it. But I'll just have your kids write my will for me. They'll be getting everything I own anyway!" I laughed for the first time since this morning.

Wendi says that Grandmother had her pick out the things that she wanted when she died. Wendi was 20 when she asked this. After much protesting, Wendi finally settled on the bed that is in the room that she and I shared whenever we went to visit. Grandmother never asked me to choose, she designated what I would get. Not complaining though, she knows what I like...

Grandaddy is being well-taken care of. The neighbor, Clark, came and sat in the house with him and social services took Grandaddy to the hospital. He'll stay the night in the care of the nurses, and my Uncle Lynn will be by tomorrow around noon to check him out. Then, he and my dad will put him in assisted living temporarily down there until they can find something permanent up here or in Florida where Lynn is. I'm just glad that Clark was able to help Grandaddy. With his alzheimer's....I can't bear to think of what might have happened.

I'm going to see if I can take a nap...
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