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There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes

Accident Report

Accident Report

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Deadly Weapon
So, I have currently been in four accidents in my life. A quick summary:

Accident One
Was three. Wendi was driving, I was in the backseat in my car seat. I don't know what happened, but Wendi says that just after it happened, we had a short dialogue:
Me: Wendi, are you ok?
Wendi: Yes Jessica, I'm ok. Are you ok?
Me: Yeah...Wendi?
Wendi: What?
Me: Don't do that again.


Accident Two
Was twelve. In the front seat passenger side of our 1992 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance. It was a long luxury Cadillac (that incidentally was totaled a few months ago) We were taking my brother to camp. We were stopped because of traffic, and several yards away from a pick-up truck. Suddenly, a guy hits us going about 50 mph. Both his air bags deployed, cracking his windshield. My dad cracked a rib, my brother was knocked out and my mom has had back problems ever since. All three of their doors wouldn't open. Me? I was fine. So was my door.
Why did the guy hit us? He was having a sneezing fit.

Accident Three
Was twenty. I was coming home from school, and was required to go around this bend in which the end was hiddden by bushes, so there was a car there, and I didn't know it until it was too late. I prolly would have seen it though, if I hadn't been checking ym blind spot to see if I could merge. Minimal damage to both of our cars, cosmetic in nature. No one was hurt. My insurance didn't go up either, it actually went down ten dollars within the next year. Admittedly, it might have gone down more without that accident.
My rental was a Grey Hyundai Accent, which I mistakenly called a "grey Hyundai Accident" when describing the car.

Accident Four
Happened tonight. Eric and I were going to see Pan's Labyrinth. George Straits is playing tonight at the Stadium, so it was busy out. We had to stop at a green light so we wouldn't block the intersection. The guy behind us wasn't there when we stopped intially. So he's coming down the street at around 25-30 mph and hits us because he didn't see us, but he did see the green light. *sigh* No cosmetic damage to the car, brake lights don't work. Eric hit his head on the headrest pretty hard, he has a headache. My upper back is stiff, but when is that new? There were police-cops around who helped get all the information, and I need to call my insurance people. We'll see what the real damage is to my car, but I can't take it anywhere because there aren't any brake lights! AH! Other than that, I'm really upset I can't see this movie, more upset than the accident, I'm not sure why, prolly because it was so uneventful? I felt really bad for the guy who hit us though. The cop said that he should have been given a reckless driving charge, but she went easy on him and gave him following too closely. (Which is what my little brother was given when he rear-ended a lady's car because she panic-stopped for a yellow light.)

So! Hope I won't get into too many more! Now I call the insurance people, get a rental, and hopefully I can get back up to NOVA by Tuesday for work.
  • Oh man! I'm glad you both are realatively okay though. And also glad you don't drive a Pinto, because they have exploding backends, much like Tristan Hardy.
    But I hope you get to see pans laberynth soon! I hear its so awesome.
  • Your post fills me with Dane Cook quotation memories:

    "Why did you stop at a red light and let me hit you doing 80??? Why did you stop at a legal red light and let me hit you doing 80?!?"

    [SOUND OF CAR CRASH OUTSIDE]"Where are my shoes? Where the fuck are my shoes? Fuck it, I'll go out shoeless."

    [AT THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT]"I was in my kitchen and I heard it, so I came out. You were in your basement? I was in my kitchen cleaning a dish - I was really cleaning - and I heard it, so I came out. What? Shoes? Fuck shoes, man! Listen to this guy over here with shoes, hahaha. Shoes!"

    [BEING HELPFUL]"Officer, if it helps in your investigation, I was in my kitchen cleaning a dish and I heard it, so I came out. I can bring the dish as Exhibit A. I was in my kitchen, he was in his basement. Tell him what you told me. Tell him what you told me. That is NOT what you told me. Officer, he's lying."

    "Sometimes, when you're hit by a car, your shoes fly off. SOMETIMES, your pants fly off. I was not fortunate enough to see the pants fly off."

    "The car that hit him was a Dodge, which I thought was kind of ironic."

    [WATCHING NASCAR]"A tire just hit that woman in the face! A TIRE just hit that woman in the face! Wait, wait, they're gonna show it again."
      "How did Mary die? A tire hit her in the face."
      "What was she doing putting her face near tires?"
      "No, no, no, no. This tire hunted Mary down. This tire MURDERED Mary. This tire wasn't FUCKING AROUND, as we like to say. This tire was out for JUSTICE."
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