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So, lately I've been falling asleep at odd times in the day. If I get the chance to close my eyes only a little longer than a blink, I fall asleep! I don't know what's going on....it can't be my sleeping schedule. I get the same amount of sleep as I have for the past three years.

With the new day job, I am required to be awake no later than 8 or nine. And I don't fall asleep until between 2 and 3 am. So six hours of sleep? Yeah, that's my average since 2005. But....I've been falling asleep while watching TV a lot lately. I'm going to my meditation class tonight, we'll see if I fall asleep there. Maybe it's the fact that I learned to relax finally?

Perhaps I'm just depressed? Although i don't feel that way. I need to clean up my room, and that'll be a sure sign that I'm not depressed...
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