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There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes

Ok, how to deal

Ok, how to deal

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I just started working a new full time job at the end of July.  So I've been here almost two months.  I already have a lot of problems with my boss.  I've vented, I've complained, receiving no real advice other than "Just ignore him."

Today, he made a comment that just made my jaw drop.  Yes, he says plenty of things that could be construed as sexual harrassment, he instigates heated discussions concerning religion and politics, and he's very quick to state that his opinion is the only correct one.  *shrug* whatever.  I can ignore those.  I'm learning to deal.

Today, I called a gentleman who is interested in our services.  He is Middle Eastern, and his occupation is as a pilot for the Saudi Arabian Embassy.  Well, my boss got an alert on his screen that I had made an update to his file.  He asked to see the physical file, looked at his occupation and said, "If he's a pilot, he could be a terrorist."


Are you serious?  What kind of BLATANT prejudice is this?  Do I want to work for a man who is so....so....disgusting?
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