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Past Due Update

Past Due Update

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All righty! Well, here's the news

My sister's getting married. I'm the maid of honor. Yay! <3

I have a second job at Happy Tails Dog Spa in Tysons Corner. Hurrah. I get to play with puppies all day, and work full time, and get benefits eventually. And will prolly have to work overtime, but this time I get fucking paid time and half, or double sometimes. Yay.

I'm trying to find a way out of this damn apartment, and an opportunity has arisen. Kelley, the lab tech whose apartment this is, wants to move to Colorado. Which means, yay, one bitch of a roomate gone. Danielle prolly won't be able to afford it, so all i have to do is find a SANE roomie and I'm golden.

I'm being very supportive of Kelley moving to Colorado. I'll write off the money she owes me as a loss. No prob. Not anymore, anyway. Danielle's taking it personally, because she doesn't want to have to move back to Daddy's house. She and Kelley had a major fight today, which is why I'm able to get on the internet. So, Kelley is out driving drunk, Danielle's trying to call anyone and everyone she can to bitch, and I don't feel pressured at all, because it looks like I'll finally be rid of them.

2008 is starting off very well for me. <3
  • Congrats for your sister! You can keep or not my stuff you found, including stuffed Svenny. Glad things are looking up for you! That dog job sounds awesome. I'm actually thinking of trying to find a job where I can work with animals. Engineering sucks.
    • You don't want the under armor shirts I found?

      And why does Engineering suck??? I mean, Happy Tails is only nine an hour starting, but they're good about regular raises and stuff....but it's not like I make bank, you know?
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