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Karaoke Jessi

Karaoke Jessi

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So, for those of you who don't already know, I have taken on yet another job as a Karaoke Jockey! I didn't want to write about it until I was kind of comfortable with what I was doing, and I've been told that I'm doing a good job and that I have a fun show, so I guess I'm ready for my friends to come and see.

I don't really have a set schedule for anything. Last week I was mostly covering for this girl, Heather, at the Royal Lee Bar and Grill in Arlington. BUT I do have a regular show at Fast Eddie's in Fairfax on Wednesday nights, so that would prolly be the place for you guys to come and see me. Tonight I'm doing our first Karaoke Show at Finn Mac Cool's in DC. I'm a little nervous. The owner of the company that I work for is coming with me since it's a new show. If anyone has time and would like to, would you come down so I don't feel so nervous?

All karaoke shows start at 9:30 pm and end at 1:30 am. The one thing that I ask is that you be cool and don't expect me to bump you up the list just because I'm your friend. If the owner notices that I'm favoring people too much then I won't be allowed to play the venue anymore, so...yes.

Come see me!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: 4:23 pm
I will not be at Finn Mac Cool's at 9:30 tonight, I'll be opening at the Royal Lee until an undefined time. James, the guy who recruited me, needs to babysit his son until his wife gets home, so Glenn, the owner, will open Finn MacCool's, I'll open at the Royal Lee, and James will get to the Royal Lee when he can, then I'll go over to Finn MacCool's. SO those of you who want to come and see me tonight, we'll do the Royal Lee first, and Finn MacCool's is only an 11 minute drive from there, so it wouldn't be hard to do them both, right? ^_^'
  • That's flippin sweet! As long as you don't play too much Michael Jackson and you do dres slutty, you'll have a job forever! LUCKY.
    • Actually, I don't even have to dress slutty. ^_^''' Slightly baggy jeans and a long sleeve crew-neck shirt and I got some guy trying to grab my ass last night. BLAH.

      I'm also gonna be a DJ. It doesn't pay as much as a KJ, but eh, it's not bad. If I get tired of doing either of those things, then I can be a clown or a caricaturist. They'll teach me how to do balloon sculptures and everything!
  • guess where I'm gonna try to be real soon on a Wed ;p
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