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There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes

So, I'm at my folks' house, doing laundry and checking up on my…

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So, I'm at my folks' house, doing laundry and checking up on my school assignment. Should I mention that the laundry room is pretty much right on the other side of my computer? There's just a wall dividing it. Anyway, so the spin cycle has obviously kicked in now, because the whole desk and my chair are shaking like a stampede is headed my way. I could hardly even read the computer screen for a while, we were all just shaking so violently!

In other news, I LOVE MY JOB at my church. I almost didn't want to leave today, and I stayed like, almost an hour after I was sposed to have left because I lost track of time. ^_^ It's great! I answer the phone, I make the schedule for worship service, I mail stuff and return stuff to stores, I schedule appointments, I organize stuff. It's EXCITING! It's all stuff that I like to do. You know, as long as I have free reign I *totally* wouldn't mind doing that for a career. And free reign as in I'm the only one who moves shit around. Cuz I can't stand it when something is missing, and that happens enough at home as it is:

Me: Eric? Where are my keys?
Eric: If you'd put them in the same place you wouldn't *have* this problem.
Me: Yeah, but I don't know where to keep putting them because I always change my mind!!...Are they still on my pants?

Pfft. Most of the time they're buried under a blanket, or still attached to the belt loop of the pants I wore the previous day. One time, I looked for three hours for my keys, and Eric comes home and finds them in two seconds cuz they were on the ironing board. -_-''
  • What kind of church do you work for? Are you the church secretary?
    • Essentially, I am the minister's secretary, but the church's office manager. A lot of people use the office, so I'm in charge of making sure people don't fuck things up too badly. I'll also be trained to update the website sometime next month, so I'll be webmistress too.

      I work for Fairfax Christian Church in Fairfax, VA. We're Disciples fo Christ, which is a cool sect, in my opinion. ^_^
  • If you enjoy your work something is going to go horribly wrong, like they're only employing you in order to sacrfice you to Xenu. Run before they throw you into the volcano!
  • I am glad that you are doing what you like to do at your job finally. :) You deserve it!
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